Hi! from Randy at Inquiring Eye Home Inspections

You are receiving the inaugural edition of my newsletter.  The newsletters are designed to continue the theme and objective of my web site, which is to provide you and your clients with an informational and educational resource on how homes work.

Just like my web site, the articles in the newsletters will be written by me and address specific topics that will continue to increase your knowledge of homes. The topics in the coming months will be; Arc Fault Circuit Breakers, Tankless or On Demand Hot Water Heaters, Residential Electrical Wiring, Temperature/Pressure Relief Valves, and How Glass is Made. 

The newsletters will also be available on my web site and continue to improve the information available to you from the web site itself.  The newsletters will be bi-monthly and my goal is to have each article approximately two pages in length.

This month’s addition will be a little different than subsequent issues in that besides the article, this month also has a letter on the content and improvements available at the web site itself, and a link that will give you an opportunity to open up the website directly. If you have not taken time recently to go to the web site I encourage you to do so. There are over 200 pages of content available on every major section of a home. From contaminants to framing to septic systems it is all there! Your time will be well spent. 

If you have associates that would be interested in these materials and would like to be included in future mailings let me know and I’d be happy to add their names to the list.  

Do You Feel Like Home Inspectors Speak In A Foreign Language? 
Are you able to adequately answer your client’s questions when they ask what radon is or how a septic system operates?  The key to understanding these and many other home operation and home inspection questions is having a great resource. That resource is now only a few computer key strokes away. A home inspection web site with almost 200 pages of material written specifically for Real Estate agents looking to answer specific questions or broaden their knowledge, or for clients who are trying to understand how a home mechanical “system” operates, like air conditioning or a septic system.   

The company is Inquiring Eye Home Inspections, LLC, and the web site is WWW.Inquiring-Eye.Com. The information can be found under two titles: Anatomy of a Home, and Natural but Deadly. Anatomy of a Home has nine separate articles on everything from Foundations and Framing to Air Conditioning and Septic Systems. The articles describe how a system operates, and its key components. Pictures in each article detail the systems key parts to help better understand the written text. The goal of the articles is to provide the reader with a working knowledge of how the systems in a home work.  For example, after reading the article on Septic Systems a client should have a working knowledge of a Septic System, and be able to understand a septic contractor, at a home inspection, as he describes the septic system at the house they are about to purchase. A Glossary of Key Terms is also provided after the Electrical, Septic System and Roofing sections.

Natural but Deadly is articles on the possible environmental issues found in a home.  From Radon to Asbestos to Mold the articles describe the contaminants origins and their possible human health effects. Each article also provides information on how to resolve any issues that may be present.

Two other valuable tools that are provided at the web site are: 1). A six page check list for clients that are planning to put their house on the market. The checklist includes easy fixes that the homeowner can resolve before they put their house up for sale. The checklist can be found as an attachment at the Inspection Overview portion of the web site.  2). An attachment to the Well section of Plumbing is a description of acceptable levels, potability issues and chemicals found in well water.

In addition future smaller articles will be added to the web site from newsletters. Some future topics are going to be Tankless Water Heaters, and Power Vents for fireplaces and boilers/furnaces. If you have a topic that you think would be relevant and helpful please drop me an email.  My intent is to make this the most complete informational web site available.

Please take a few minutes and explore. Your time will be well spent.

Helpful Tips About Your Home
Careful thought and planning are important when it comes to winterizing your home.  There is much more involved than simple filling the oil tank or ensuring you have adequate firewood.

This important document will help you better prepare your home for Winter.  View and Print Checklist Here

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