Planning to Sell your Home?

If selling your home is in your plans, a prelisting inspection from Inquiring Eye Home Inspections can help address areas of your home that might need some attention before you put your house on the market. A pre-listing inspection can target issues that may come up in the very stressful times of negotiations with a potential buyer. Inquiring Eye also offers a pre-listing checklist, a guideline of areas of maintenance that can be addressed by you before dealing with a buyer.

Planning on Purchasing a New Single Family Home, Condominium or Multi-Family?

What can you count on in an Inquiring Eye Home Inspection:  The average home inspection can take anywhere from one and a half to three hours to complete. I believe that the actual physical inspection is the most important portion of my service to you. The amount of time that we spend together can depend on the number of questions you may have (we are at the property for as long as we need to be, to answer all your questions) and the size and condition of the house you are purchasing. My goal is to answer the vast majority of your questions while we still are at the house and while any items in question are still available in front of us. Remember the old adage of a picture is worth a thousand words. (in this case, the picture is an item that is visible). It is easier to answer your specific questions while we have the item present before us, and it is easier to visualize. When we part from our inspection time together, a very thorough and descriptive inspection report will be prepared of what I observed (see: Sample Report). The report will completely describe the positives and any areas of concern of the house. The report will follow within 24 hours of the inspection. If the report raises additional questions we are still only a phone call away. My job is complete when all your questions are answered.

Listed below is an overview of the areas that Inquiring Eye will be inspecting:
What you can count on in an Inquiring Eye inspection:
The area directly surrounding the structure and including grading, driveways, sidewalks, decks, patios and any vegetation directly affecting the building.
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This portion of the inspection assesses the exterior siding, trim, windows and doors.
The roof is evaluated for its general condition, structural integrity and future water shedding ability. Evaluated items will also include chimneys, flashing and gutter systems.
The garage can be both a free standing structure or an integrated portion of the home. The garage will be assessed either for its free standing capabilities or as a part of the main structural system.
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We will observe and evaluate the condition of the foundation walls, columns, framing and floor structure.
The inspector will evaluate the main components of the heating/cooling systems of the house in accordance with the Standard of Practice.
The inspector will review supply, water and vent lines as they relate to their ability to deliver potable water and remove waste water from the structure.
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The modern needs for electrical service have changed considerably in the past decade. Our inspector will evaluate the main service, power, switches, outlets and condition for their capability to safely deliver your needs with human safety being our main concern.
The attic is inspected for the adequacy of its structure, ventilation, insulation and any evidence of the roofing system's inability to protect the dwelling.
The interior floors, walls, ceilings, doors and windows are reviewed for operation and how they relate to the dwelling as a whole. During the inspection, a representative sample of doors, windows and electrical outlets/switches will be tested.
The general condition of the visible and accessible area of the plumbing fixtures will be evaluated for their operation. Water leakage/drainage will also be assessed. The safety of electrical needs and how they relate to water safety will also be checked.
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Wood Destroying Insect Inspection
  • Termites, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees and other wood destructing insects
Radon Testing following EPA Protocols - Click here for our Radon Testing document
  • Air
  • Water
Well Water Testing
  • 13 Point Quality & Potability
  • VOC's
  • Lead
  • Pressure & Flow
  • EDB's
Septic System Inspection
  • Full System Inspection
Environmental Contaminant Testing
  • Lead Paint
  • Asbestos
  • Underground Storage Tanks
Mold Testing
  • Air
  • Surface